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Sophisticated alarm systems in Newcastle

Eastlakes Security & Control offers electronic alarm systems to keep your commercial property and your employees safe. We’ll sit with you and find out what your property needs are and how we can help you meet those requirements.

In terms of alarms, we want to help you feel secure without adding unnecessary operational costs. With that in mind, we do offer a variety of different alarms systems from trusted brands like CSD, Paradox and Bosch.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Basic intruder alarm systems come in different forms. Most monitor entry points send out alerts when there is an unauthorised entry. These alarms are most often deployed for use after hours or in sensitive areas of the commercial property.

Intruder alarms can be connected to central monitoring systems that automatically alert authorities when there’s a problem, or calls for guard support. While some intruder alarms produce visible light signals and audible alerts, others silently alert the relevant authorities about the problem without the intruder knowing.

Duress Alarm Systems

Similar to an intruder alarm, a duress alarm is something employees will use manually. These systems are useful for low staffing times, such as for skeleton crews working overnight or lone employee situations.

Duress alarms can be installed in strategic points around a building or they may come in the form of buttons that employees carry with them around the property. Duress alarms operate in a discreet manner so that the intruder or perpetrator is not aware the alarm has been activated.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer fire alarm systems for businesses and industrial complexes of all sizes. For areas with a larger fire risk or a greater regulatory burden for fire alarm systems, we can install more complex and multi-faceted fire alert systems.

What Alarms Do You Need?

Every business doesn’t need to have all types of alarm systems. When we visit your location, we’ll help you determine which types of alarms are required and which would be beneficial for you.

Our goal is to help you protect yourself and your business from threats of all kinds. We’re not interested in persuading you to install a lot of unnecessary equipment. Instead, let’s work together to find out what you really need and get it set up quickly to keep you secure.

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