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Answering Your Questions

Because security work is complex and sensitive in nature, we get a lot of questions about how things work specifically. We hear all your questions, and it’s important to us that you get the right answers as quickly as possible.

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Yes. All our systems are protected against power failure through strong battery backups. We don’t want to allow for unauthorised entry any time the power is knocked out. As long as the battery backups are maintained and functioning as expected, you’ll still have access to your system, even during a power failure.

Yes, you can access the CCTV footage through any connected device. We’ll show you how to set it up on the device and connect to the system. Smartphones and tablets that are compatible can be used to view camera feeds, as long as you set up the system with those capabilities beforehand.

Yes. No business is completely the same as another, and each property has its own challenges. We recognise that your company may have different needs than other companies, so we offer completely customised security system solutions. Get a consultation to find out how security would work on your particular property.

No. Our focus is on electronic systems and monitoring. We do not provide manpower services.

Yes, we offer high definition surveillance cameras from top security brands. With our HD cameras, you’ll be able to see the details of what’s happening more easily and react appropriately.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses with a full security system installed and an ongoing contract with the security company. Your company may be able to make significant savings each year on insurance costs.

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