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Integrated security systems in Newcastle

Eastlakes Security & Control can work with your company to perform system integrations with a wide variety of hardware and software products.

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Existing System Integration

When you purchase a new security system and you want to create an integrated system, Eastlakes Security & Control can help. We’ll work with you to integrate your security system with other existing systems to link their functions together.

Integrated security systems give you a lot of benefits, from information collection to greater monitoring and control. If you already have integrated systems and you want to add your security system to the mix, we can also help you with that. Even if your security system has already been connected and operational for some time, we’ll still work to integrate it.

New System Integration

Where only a handful of separate, siloed systems exist, we can help you set up an effective system integration between your security system and others. If you install a new system and you want to integrate it into your existing security system, let us know and we’ll get started.

We can link all kinds of systems together. From individual security and control systems to third-party systems, we’ll help with software and hardware integrations. Surveillance and access control systems are often integrated into other third-party systems for enhanced security, monitoring, control and data collection.

POS Integration

Point of sale (POS) integration is useful for loss prevention and theft detection. You could integrate a surveillance system with your POS system so that high-resolution recordings start every time the cash register opens, or each time a transaction is ongoing.

This gives you greater control over what’s happening on your front line of cash collection, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn more about how sales and transaction happen at the POS. From this data, you can improve your business practices.

Heat Mapping

Using a surveillance system paired together with heat mapping tech and data logging, you can get a close estimate of how many people pass by certain points of your business. If you keep a camera by the door, you can log the number of visitors you get on a daily basis.

This can help you understand your business situation better and learn important data about customer habits. From a security standpoint, you could observe when the heaviest traffic tends to happen in your location and focus efforts on improving security during those times to avoid wasting resources.

Access Integration

Controlled access points in your property need to be monitored at all times. With the right system integration, you’ll have a greater capacity to monitor and control who is accessing these areas, how frequently and more. You can receive alerts when access is given and receive data detailing all instances of access over a time period.

System integration is a complex, but useful part of maintaining your business. It can improve your security, but also proves to be a great resource for enhancing your normal business activities as well.

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