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CCTV - Eastlakes in Belmont, NSW

Commercial Services

Our services revolve around electronic systems rather than manpower solutions, so you’ll reduce your operating budget and create a scalable, effective system for your property.

Our commercial services are designed specifically for you. Tell us your concerns and your budget, and we’ll work to create a secure system that meets all your demands at the lowest possible cost.


We’re licensed to install every product we sell, including products from top brands such as Samsung, Inner Range, CSD and others. Our team has all the required licenses and training for complex installations on commercial properties.

Along with physical installations, we also perform software installations. This includes custom integrated systems and software training for your staff.

CCTV - Eastlakes in Belmont, NSW
CCTV - Eastlakes in Belmont, NSW

Once you’re connected to our system, we’ll be keeping an eye on your property to make sure it’s secure at all times. Our team is watching out for alerts and alarm triggers from video surveillance and duress alarms.

When an alarm is triggered, we’ll first verify it as an emergency rather than a false alarm. Guards can be dispatched to your location and emergency personnel called when needed.


Every security system needs regular maintenance to keep it in full working order. Working with us means we’ll put your maintenance on our schedule and remind you when it’s time to have your system checked out and maintained again.

Electronic security system maintenance includes everything from software system updates to backup battery replacements. We’re ready to help you maintain your entire security system, whether we installed it or not.

CCTV - Eastlakes in Belmont, NSW
CCTV - Eastlakes in Belmont, NSW

We’re passionate about supplying the best security products. Source and purchase electronic security equipment from Eastlakes Security & Control. We sell video surveillance gear, access control equipment, alarm systems and more.

Trust our trained staff for expert recommendations. We only use the best products, from top brands like Inner Range and Samsung.

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