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Custom systems in Newcastle

No two buildings are exactly alike. We’ll meet you in the middle and build a quality custom security solution.

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No Generic Solutions

Eastlakes Security & Control takes pride in offering you an electronic security solution that works for you. We won’t try to fit your business into a box. Our team will analyse the specific security needs of your commercial area and work with you to come up with a unique, individual plan.

We have a personal touch from being a family-owned and operated business. Our team will take the time to listen to your concerns, look over your property thoroughly, and sort out a custom system that works just like it should.

Modified Products

We offer many security and access control products. If none of our standard products will work for your property, we’ll retrofit and customise them until they fit into the ideal space.

Some of the customisation we provide include:

  • Retrofitting alert or range buttons
  • Modifying duress buttons
  • Customised alert tones
  • Multi-purpose alert & signal lights
  • Gas detectors for enclosed spaces
  • Battery backup expansions & boosting

We cater to your specific requests. If you have a request or a unique problem you’d like us to solve, we’ll work with you to find the right custom products for the job.

Our company works with quality security products from the start. We supply leading brands including, Inner Range, Paradox, HID, Ness, Samsung, Hikvision, Digifort, Das, Bosch and CSD.

Meeting Your Needs

Our priority is solving your commercial security needs. With our mix of quality security products, dedicated staff and personal service, you end up with an electronic security system tailored to suit your needs.

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